1. Projection
    Olivier Garth

  2. Afro Dread
    Sonic Funk Foundry

  3. Chicha Morada (with Hammond Classics Remix)
    Maurizio Fabbri

  4. Afro House Collection
    Various Artists

  5. B-Girl Breaks

  6. Ticklejunk Allstars Remixed
    Ticklejunk All Stars

  7. Ale' Sofi (remixes by Captain Planet & GP from Venice)
    Cloak Dagger

  8. Washington D.C.
    Sonic Funk Foundry

  9. Seasoned Objective
    Danny Massure

  10. Aguardiente

  11. So Deep
    Danny Massure

  12. Rat Fink (Remixed)
    Chauncey Canfield

  13. La Playa (Remixes)
    Mr Bird

  14. Dirty Business
    Danny Massure

  15. Remember The Time (Remixes)
    DJ Average Joe

  16. Nairobi Boogie

  17. Roots Down Low Remixes
    Native Guard

  18. African Life EP
    Sonic Funk Foundry

  19. Tropijuju (Deela Remix)
    Danny Massure

  20. Garifunasty EP w Remixes
    K. Sabroso

  21. Minha Mine EP
    DJ OttoBot

  22. Future Retro (Remixes)
    Mr. Bird

  23. Taste Test (Remixes)
    K Sabroso & Dave Owen ft Jonny Butter

  24. Pharaohs of Elysium (Remixes)
    Cascadia '10

  25. Oye! / Pito
    Panama Cardoon

  26. Voom Voom Grooves
    Maxey and Fred Spider

  27. Tropijuju
    Danny Massure

  28. No saint Remixed
    Danny Massure featuring Miya Collins

  29. Ricky's Revenge (Remixes)
    Satellite 4

  30. Down In Africa (Danny Massure Remix)
    Dirty Dubsters

  31. Latin Flavored Fire
    Various Artists

  32. Now Recording

  33. Return To The Classics (Remixes)

  34. Busted EP w Remixes
    Danny Massure

  35. Skanky Remixed
    Danny Massure

  36. Put It On Me EP w Remixes
    Danny Massure

  37. What It Ain't - The Remixes
    Danny Massure

  38. What It Is
    Danny Massure

  39. Beach Drive
    Lime & Cilantro

  40. San Fernando
    Lime & Cilantro

  41. Cocotini EP
    Lime & Cilantro

  42. Blissed Out
    Danny Massure Ambient

  43. Massage, Yoga, Spa, Ambient, Chillout
    Danny Massure

  44. soul instrumentals
    Danny Massure

  45. beats and hip-hop instrumentals
    Danny Massure

  46. Beatstrumentals - Percussion & Drums Tracks
    Danny Massure


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